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  • Ω People of the Jungle Ω

    16 février 2014 ( #indonesia )

    I am finally back from these 5 days trip in Borneo’s Jungle. I left Shanghai on Friday the 31th of January. I wrote everyday about what I did. I’ve tried to be brief and I tried to talk about the most important things. “Bonne Lecture” ~ Enjoy, Like, Share...


    10 avril 2014 ( #erasmus, #slovenia )

    Sarper (TK) Margaux (FR) Joan (FR) Pierre (FR) David (SP) Carlos (SP) Julia (FR) Katerina (GR) Diana (HU) Gauthier (FR) Marina (FR) Guillaume (FR) Quentin (FR) Baptiste (FR) Martin (FR) Tristan (FR) Nicolas (FR) Burak (TK) Danny (TK)

  • sLOVEnia Trip

    10 mars 2014 ( #erasmus, #slovenia )

    Hi you all ! ESN Maribor organised a trip for us Erasmus student: sLOVEnia Trip. Three days from Maribor to Piran. Day One: Friday 7th of March. The D-day. I was late... My bus was waiting for me for 20 minutes. Good start. For that I had to buy Borovničke,...

  • Black Bourgeoisie Lookbook

    17 septembre 2014 ( #france )

    Hey there, Two of my friends created a brand of clothes, Black Bourgeoisie ®. They asked me to help them to do the lookbook, that's what I did today with of of them and nice models ! Here is some pictures of today's shooting. Thanks to all the models:...

  • News from here to there

    23 janvier 2014

    New logo made by Tess. Hello everyone, I finally upload photos of China on my website : wrongpope.fr. You could find more pictures from places I’ve been since I arrive in China than there are here. I hope you will enjoy them and if you like please share...

  • SSUR Shanghai

    07 février 2014 ( #china )

    Hey there. I want to share something with you. If you visit or will visit Shanghai, here is a shop you may pass by —> SSUR Shanghai. SSUR, it’s a brand from New York. They used to divert famous brand. They are mainly known for “Comme Des Fuckdown” snapback...

  • ~ VIA LYON ~

    25 février 2014 ( #france )

    2 months ago I left France for China. Now my internship is finished, I was back in France for two tiny days. I met friends and hang out in Lyon with my camera, as always ! Let's watch ! And obviously i went to the food truck that is near my old a partment...

  • Erasmus' friendship

    14 mai 2014 ( #erasmus, #hungary )

    Zdravo ! Last week end my friends and I went to Budapest - Hungary to visit friends there ! It was a good occasion for me to do again pictures and try new things for my website. Inspiration is back, slowly but surely ! Three days with friends, good vibes,...

  • One Day // One Night

    10 août 2014 ( #france, #concert )

    Hey you all. Last wednesday I went to Cannes just for one night for a huge concert with good friends and an afternoon at the beach the next day just before going back to Lyon. Plages Electroniques de Cannes: - Erol Alkan b2b Daniel Avery - Laurent Garnier...

  • (GONE) Prodigy Child

    08 juillet 2014 ( #bike, #vélo )

    Home made montage Frame: Black Market Bikes - NSF Raw Handlebar: Deda Crono Nero Low Stems: Black Market Bikes - NSF Fork: Bianchi / Wheel: Extra + Blade Crank set: Miche Advanced / Wheel: Gipiemme 40mm Tires: Thickslick Freedom Chain: Gusset BMX / Spoke...

  • ◊ She is my everything ◊

    09 janvier 2014

    ≠ This is all about her ≠ Everything began when we both went to Brussels one year ago for our internship. Obviously we choose the same company without knowing each other. Well, we decided to become room-mate ! It was the best idea we could ever have !...

  • #FDL14

    10 décembre 2014 ( #france, #festival )

    Hello, In Lyon there is an old tradition, we used to put candle on our windows to thank Mary for having saved the city from the plague. And since 1989, each year you can find huge lighting animations all around the city. This year some 3 millions tourists...

  • Giro D'Italia

    15 juin 2014 ( #giro d'italia, #bike, #vélo, #italia )

    #fightforpink Zdravo. As I said in my previous post (Frecce Tricolori) I went with some friends in Trieste in Italy to watch the last stage of the Giro. After a huge show by the Frecce Tricolori we saw riders passing in front of us seven times and Nacer...

  • Erasmus Gathering

    28 avril 2014 ( #erasmus, #czech republic )

    Hello you all. This week end, as I told you, I went to Prague in Czech Republic. It was for the first edition of Erasmus Gathering in Europe. Not that much tourism, two hard parties with friends ! Nice week end with friends in a great european Capital....

  • SloveniÅn·¢ÅpitÅl

    10 avril 2014 ( #erasmus, #slovenia )

    Zdravo. I'm back from a lovely week-end in Ljubljana with my girlfriend. Visiting the city, going to the Castle, to Trivoli park, roaming in streets, discovering the cuteness aspect of this tiny city. Check here photos from sunday and monday ! WP. Day...


    12 décembre 2014 ( #travel )

    A bit more than one year ago I was visiting my best friends in Konsberg (Norway), where she was on Erasmus Program. It's also there that I met my girlfriend. Because, I found them back in my files, here are some pictures from my trip to Kongsberg and...

  • · UP DATE ·

    16 février 2014

    Hello everyone. It will be a short article. Just to tell you that I worked two days on my website to make it nice and easy to use. —> Wrong Pope <— I create new sets, I sorted photos following my photographic intention and projects. I tried to be as clear...

  • Erasmus check point

    10 octobre 2014 ( #travel )

    Bonsoir, Two weeks ago, I went to Bordeaux with some friends to meet others friends! We all met during our erasmus. French student who were in Poland, Slovenia and Hungary ! Party, beach, and surf demonstration ! Thanks to Alexis for taking some pictures...

  • Belgian Basement

    15 mars 2014 ( #erasmus, #slovenia )

    A basement, some guys from Belgium, a French DJ. Lots of friends and alcohol. Here we were. First edition of the Belgian Basement. Obviously I was there. I used to do photos in France for special events. I'm not a that kind of photographer you can meet...

  • ≈ Little Venice ≈

    10 janvier 2014 ( #china )

    Exactly one week ago I went to Tong Li with my parents. This little town is a tiny Chinese Venice ! It's only 1hours by car from Shanghai and when there no tourists it is a good place to roam with a camera or just like that. We tried to take most of the...

  •  A SUNNY DAY 

    05 mai 2014 ( #erasmus, #austria )

    Hallo, Two friends from Maribor and I went to Graz - Austria last sunday for a sunny day roaming in the streets of this tiny city. Nothing special to tell, we left Maribor in the morning with a train. We spent the afternoon to roam in the city to discover...

  • † Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna †

    18 mars 2014 ( #erasmus, #slovenia )

    Hello, I found an unbelievable motivation this afternoon to work as quick as possible to deliver you these photos from Kick My Bass 2 in Pekarna (Maribor - Slovenia). I can't loose my habits from France, when friends organise big events, I offer them...

  • Maribor, the beginning

    10 mars 2014 ( #erasmus, #slovenia )

    Hello everybody. It's been two weeks now since I arrived in Slovenia. I finally have times to write after these two weeks of parties ! Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, there are about 111 000 people living here. Each semester lots of Erasmus...

  • Polish hitchhiker crossing Lyon

    26 juillet 2014 ( #france, #erasmus )

    Dzień dobry! Yesterday Bartek, the Polish Hammer as we called him in Maribor, arrived in Lyon from Poland by hitchhiking. So today we took bikes and ride in Lyon to make him discover my city. We went to Fourvière hill, Bellecour square, Terreaux square,...

  • Lyon' sunrise

    30 juin 2014 ( #sunrise, #france )

    Bonjour, Yes, I'm back in France. In my home town. And for few days now, I can't sleep... So this morning I just decided to do something that I didn't do for longtime ! Going to Fourvière, one of the two hills in Lyon with a wonderful and magic view on...

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