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— Sim & Cus —

Publié par WRONG POPE

When I went back to school in september 2013 I met a new student in my school. His name is Marcus. We discovered quickly that we have the same love for music. And this is even passion, a dangerous passion indeed.


We love music at a point that when someone is posting a song that we both don't like, we decided to "educate" this person by posting lots of GREAT songs on his Facebook wall. But one day, when we were at school, several people told us that we were annoying them because of the pollution our post cause on their timeline. So, we decided to create a tumblr where we post music we like: for the good vibes, for the beauty of the videoclip or mainly for the perfectness of the song itself. And obviously, this tumblr is open to everyone. Even you, yes you ! You can submit us a song that you like, and we will directly post it on our tumblr ! Everyone can participate and share their musical experience ! We try too to share music of everywhere in the world. As two student in Business School we have to travel around the Earth, and that permits us to discover lots of great songs !


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