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08 Jan

• It's called Love •

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• This is not about photography neither about my trip •
• It's called Love •
Aaron mixing @ Distrikt XII (Lyon - France)

Aaron mixing @ Distrikt XII (Lyon - France)

La Crémerie #2 by Le Complexe D'Oedeep @ La Plateforme (Lyon - France)

La Crémerie #2 by Le Complexe D'Oedeep @ La Plateforme (Lyon - France)

I just want to introduce one of my best friends to you. His name is Guillaume, he is known under the nickname Aaron Scott. Besides of being a real great friend, he is the funder of "Le Complexe d'Oedeep" and the organiser of La Crémerie .  This last thing is a new concept of high level parties in Lyon (France). But, he is mainly a DJ. Since 1rst of december 2013 he shares with people on Facebook and Soundcloud his creations. On that day his first EP went out for free with a bonus track: Make The Light. Since he shared this awesome two track EP, he gave us two other track: "Moscow" and more recently "Don't Settle". Each time, as he trusts me and because I Love Him, he gave me all the track before sharing them on networks -except the EP's bonus track.


Well, this article is here to tell him how much I Love Him as a fucking great friend and obviously I Love Him as the awesome DJ he is !


Guigui, know that each concert we went together were awesome ! Not just because of Molly and our other mutual friends, but mainly because we were grooving together !


Here is his track list:

- Make The Light EP: Make The Light / Sorry I Don't Play Candy Crush / Healed (Bonus Track)

- Moscow

- Don't Settle


Let listen to my favorite song from him.



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