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31 Dec

∞ China backyard's ∞

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Lin'an Backyard

Lin'an Backyard

It could be called "Ski Station" if it wasn't in China.

Yeah, I went to Lin'an. A little, really small village. In fact, this is just home along a road that goes to a ski resort.

Firstly, we arrived and we didn't believe we will sleep there. It was extremely cold. And when we discovered the hotel my mom booked for the night at 80 RMB/room (≈ 9,75€ per room), we thought it was a joke. But it wasn't. We ate in a room with no heater and we all kept our beanies and big ski jacket ! We were frozen and trying eating with chopsticks with frozen finger isn't that easy.

Then we decided to go for a walk. And for the first time since I travel in China, we've been going to a non-marked way in the backyard of the "village". It was wonderful, nobody except us, no noise, no rubbish, just us and Mother Nature.

We finally went back to the hotel to get a warm shower. We went back again to the "restaurant" to ate warm-dressed with a fireplace just next to our table. Contrariwise, even if we were cold, the food was pretty good !

About 7:00 pm, we all five went to bed, the cold weather killed us. We all were tired, and we all slept with two blanket, a beanie, a sweat and a jogging pants.

About 7:00 am, we all woke up easily ! Went to get a breakfast, thankfully, my mom always take instant coffee and some Kinder Maxi® to avoid bad surprise in the morning. So we ate that and then we went to the ski resort to ski with Chinese people.

For sure, it was a joke. Only one ski slope. Full of Chinese with highly dangerous skills in skiing. Yeah, they are discovering the pleasure of ski. Don't forget that China is a developing country, so all the recreation we have in France such as ski or going to the sea for holidays, only rich Chinese people can do it. Well, and know that 1% of 1 billion is a huge number. On the slope, you immediately see if there is any Chinese guy or woman who learnt ski anywhere else but China. We met three kids who ski and snow quite good ! We asked them where the learnt, the responses where Canada and Alps. OF COURSE !
Well, maybe it was by pity, but we all five decided to help some of those poor Chinese. Believe me or not, but they learn really quickly and well.

After three hours, and 80 times the same slope, we gave back the material and get back to the car.

We went back to Hangzhou for one more day there.


∞ China backyard's ∞
∞ China backyard's ∞
∞ China backyard's ∞

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