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01 Jan

¡ Awfull Mistake ¡

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¡ Awfull Mistake ¡

Yeah !



For this first day of 2014, we decided to go for a walk in Shanghai. Awful mistake.


This day isn't off only for occidental people. In China it is an off day too. So, we met our way with 14 other millions people. Obviously, when we decided to go to the Bund to take pictures, all Chinese people have passed the word and all 14 millions Chinese were there to take the same picture as us.


It was like when you fight to get a pic or at least just a 10 seconds look of the Mona Lisa of Da Vinci in Le Louvre (Paris - France). You go inside the mess, you take your photo and then as quick as you get in you go out ! But you don't care, you've got your pic !


After getting my photos, I took the fery to go on the other side ! Then we went to Paulaner for a great diner !

And after that we went roaming in a huge wonderful mall from store to store !


We finally went back home to sleep for a long good night ! And get ready for Tong Li on next friday !



¡ Awfull Mistake ¡
¡ Awfull Mistake ¡
¡ Awfull Mistake ¡

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